PCB design

pcb design

The increasing difficulty of electronic circuits, the miniaturization and the integration degree trends offered by actual electronic components market, the increasing clock speed of digital boards, CE and other normative certification requirements, and, not least, the aggressive time-to-market goals make it necessary to rely on qualified PCB design services.

Our consolidated experience in electronic design led us to address a PCB design with an eye always very careful and responsible to the needs of the electronic circuit, and the results, in terms of optimization and quality, have always been very appreciated.

These main features of our offer:

  • Single-sided to multilayer PCB design, with blind / buried vias
  • BGA and other high density packages management
  • Routing optimization of routing in terms of layer number and size reduction (when required)
  • Careful component placement study, that very often the key for an optimized and issues free PCB design, with respects of critical paths and functional areas of the project
  • Preferential routing of critical signals with minimization of lengths and couplings
  • Correct and effective placement and routing of filtration components
  • Striplines and controlled impedance or length connections, when required
  • Powers and signals routing with careful to signal integrity issues and the reduction of ground bounce effects
  • Tracks width and clearance adaptation to technology requests and circuit electrical requirements
  • Absolute compliance of PCB design to schematic diagram (when a netlist is provided)
  • Single figure and multiplied Gerber files and production documentation (layout for pre-sized PAN panels, Gerber files for stencils, pick and place coordinate files, topological assembly, ODB ++, ...)
  • Quick or standard time prototype PCB can be provided
pcb routing

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